Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eyeshadow Tips for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes may be the most dominant and common eye color, but they're anything but plain and common. Experiment with these eyeshadow tips to add sparkle and shine.
Almost any eyeshadow color looks fantastic with brown eyes, but there are still a few eyeshadow tips to keep in mind. Avoid using any eye makeup that's the same color as your eyes. Brown doesn't need to be accented with the same brown. Instead, use a hue a little lighter or darker than your eye color to help bring out the depth of your peepers.
Basic cream, beige, tan, taupe, dark brown and chocolate brown are better tones for brown eyes that just plain brown. Amber, mahogany, copper and gold also look stunning, but only when used lightly as a highlight or accent for other tones.
Blue eyeshadow looks better with brown eyes than any other eye color. The sharp and playful contrast help make your eyes seem bright and rich. Never overdo the blue, though. Try taking advantage of the complete array of blue accent color, such as turquoise, navy, baby or crystal blue.
Green can match well with brown eyes, especially if your eye color leans towards a hazel hue. Stick with smoky greens, such as khaki, olive or forest green to preserve a sultry look. Use jade, grass or lime green in small amounts to makes your look outright funky.
The best thing about having brown eyes is the fun colors you can incorporate into your eye makeup. Plum, burnt orange, coral, aqua and burgundy are all suitable eyeshadow tones. These aren't hues that you want to use in a heavy amounts or as part of your daily look for the office, but they're great for a night on the town.
Remember that the best eyeshadow for brown eyes also depends on your exact skin tone. If you have a yellow tint to your flesh, you should probably stay away from any hues with heavy amounts of yellow. If you tend to appear flushed, then obviously you want to stay away from rosy or red-based hues

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