Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Eye Makeup Ideas

Use eye makeup ideas to enhance your eyes and hide any flaws. Learn about your options here.
It can be great fun to experiment with eye make up. Many women stick to a few “safe” neutral tones and leave it at that but there are many different ways to make up the eyes. Don't be afraid to try the tips below.
The right eye make up can enhance your eyes and hide any flaws. Types of eye make up include eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and fake lashes. Here are a few eye make up ideas.
Daytime Look
Use these eye makeup ideas for a daytime look. A daytime look should be fresh and subtle. You can apply a brown or black eye liner (brown is best for fair hair and skin) around the eyes or only on the top lid, and blend it gently using your finger.
Next, apply one shade of eye make up. A light color is good for daytime use. Brown or peach eye shadow looks nice with blue eyes. Browns, forest green, hazel or violet eye shadow is pretty with green or hazel eyes. If your eyes are brown, you can wear pretty much any eye make up color.
Finish up with a coat of mascara to match your eye liner. Brown or black mascara is best for daytime use, but maroon or navy blue can also look good, depending on the rest of your eye make up. If you want a simple, natural look, you can apply a small amount of pale eye shadow (taupe or light pink perhaps) and a coat of mascara.
Smoky Eyes
This is a great look for the evening, whether you are going to a party or out with friends. The smoky look suits most people. To get it, you need to apply a neutral tone, such as beige, over the whole lid, to work as a base for the eye liner.
Dip an eye liner brush into dark shadow (choose black, brown, charcoal or black mixed with bright blue) and tap off any excess powder. With your eye closed, press the brush along the eyelid into the base of the lashes. Repeat this for more color and under the eye too if you choose. Smudge the eye liner upwards with a cotton swab, until you have the desired effect and both eyes look the same. For more in depth information on smoky eye makeup please see the smoky eye makeup page.
Dramatic Eye Makeup
Another of the eye makeup ideas to consider is dramatic eye makeup. This is a lot of fun to do. Remember you can experiment as much as you like with dramatic eye make up and remove your efforts easily if it goes wrong! It is possible nowadays to get eye make up in pretty much any color and you can also use false eye lashes or glitter to further enhance your eyes. 

One dramatic eye make up style is to first apply black kohl to the upper and lower rims of the eyes. Then prime the eyelids by dusting them with some loose powder. Next, choose shades of the same color, which are going to be blended. You might choose three shades of purple, or bright orange, peach and yellow. With dramatic eye make up, anything goes!
Apply the lighter shade all over the eye area, from the brow to the eyes. Apply the medium toned shade to the eyelids. Using an eye shadow brush, apply the darkest shade along the crease of your eyelid. Blend the shadow using the brush. You can use pressed powder to tone down the effect if it is too much. Finish with a couple of coats of dark mascara or false eyelashes and you’re ready to hit the town!
I hope that these eye makeup ideas will help you to look your best for any occasion.
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