Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The School of Professional Makeup Taps Body Art Wiz for Airbrush Makeup Workshop

The School of Pro Makeup is pleased to announce that Danielle Ondrek, from The Body of Art in New York, will be teaching the Advanced Airbrush Makeup Workshop this coming January.

Airbrush Makeup Artist Danielle OndrekStarting on January 4th, 2010, the Advanced Airbrush Makeup Workshop is one of a number of certificate programs offered by The School of Pro Makeup. Course duration is one week / 30 hours, and the course content will include:

  • Advanced techniques in silicone
    foundation, highlight and shade

  • Airbrush eyeshadow treatments

  • Blush & contour application

  • Eyebrow stencils and partial free form eyebrow drawing

  • Body art

  • Danielle is the founder and Chief Art Director of The Body of Art, which prides itself on the ability to develop ideas into living, breathing art. Danielle brings years of extensive knowledge and experience from both the fine art and fashion industries to her business. Her visions and work have not only fused the two worlds successfully, but she has opened a door to a realm of intriguing possibilities for her clients to promote their ideas, their products, and/or themselves. At The School of Professional Makeup, we are proud and excited to offer her expertise to our students.

    Seats are limited, so students are encouraged to book now. We can be reached at 416.603.3332, or email us at More information can also be found on our makeup course calendar page.

    Come on board with a makeup school that truly cares.

    Photo: Danielle Ondrek, courtesy of The Body of Art.

    Special Effects Makeup Author Joins The School Of Pro Makeup Team

    Randy Daudlin, author of "Hurt "Em Reel Good", has joined the talented team of makeup artists at The School of Pro Makeup.

    Special Effects Makeup Artist Randy DaudlinSpecial FX makeup has always been a very important part of the curriculum at The School of Pro Makeup, and we are very pleased to announce the recent addition of author and special effects makeup artist Randy Daudlin to our talented team of instructors.

    Randy has a wealth of knowledge to share with over 25 years of experience as a working makeup artist in the film and television industry. Some of his credits include "Resident Evil-Apocolypse", "Dawn Of The Dead", "1-800-Missing", "PSI Factor" and "Friday the 13th The Series".

    Randy is also the author of "Hurt 'Em Reel Good", a quick reference for Out of Kit Makeup FX. In his book, Randy covers such makeup FX as bruising, burns, injury simulation, forensics, aging, character effects and more.

    Special FX Makeup Book Hurt'Em Reel Good
    Also included are inexpensive alternatives for beginners and experts alike, making this book a must read for any aspiring makeup artist interested in persuing work in the field of special effects makeup. More information on "Hurt 'Em Reel Good" can be found at Two Gruesome Publishing Inc.

    Photos: Courtesy of Two Gruesome Publishing Inc.

    Thursday, September 10, 2009

    Another Beauty Makeover with Makeup Artist Rob Closs

    The Southampton Art School recently hosted a special makeup artistry evening featuring television and film makeup artist Rob Closs. Rob demonstrated the modern technique of 'airbrushing', where makeup is misted on to the skin in subtle layers. Part of the evening's appeal was the chance for individuals to experience a beauty makeover themselves.

    Professional Makeup Artist Rob Closs demonstrates airbrush techniquesThe Southampton Art School in Southampton, Ontario, recently broadened its community involvement by hosting an entire week revolving around wellness and other areas of interest that were suggested by members and others.

    From yoga and creative writing, pain management and the arts to a special evening of modern day make-up techniques, the school tried to offer a wide range of classes that would appeal to broad spectrum of the community.

    As with all events hosted by the Southampton Art Gallery and School, each class was designed not only as a fundraiser but also to broaden the School's appeal to a wider audience.

    airbrush makeup demonstrated in a beauty makeoverThe last event of the week was a special make-up artistry evening that featured television and film makeup artist Rob Closs from Toronto.

    "When I look at someone that I have to apply make-up to, his or her face is like a blank canvas to me. I try to bring out the best features while minimizing others, all through make-up application," Closs says. "It's much like painting. You have to choose colours, know how to blend, shadow and highlight."

    For many thousands of years, humans in every culture around the world have used colour products to enhance their appearance. From B.C. China and India to Middle-ages Europe, cosmetics of one kind or another have played an integral part in almost every society.

    The Art School demonstration featured the modern technique of 'airbrushing', where make-up is misted on to the skin in subtle layers. Part of the evening's appeal was the chance for individuals to experience a 'makeover'.

    "Some of the makeovers I've done," said Closs, "are unbelievably satisfying, both for the client and myself. I've seen women and girls who have little self-confidence blossom under the metamorphosis. It's a well-known fact that if you feel good about yourself, you project that feeling to the world outside you and, sometimes, all it takes is a little enhancement.

    Do I consider myself an artist? Absolutely. I use colour, light and shadow and my canvas is the human face."

    Every class held during the first Creative Wellness Week was filled to capacity and the school is considering making the week an ongoing event with a series of speakers and classes that appeal to a broad audience.

    The above article was originally published in the August, 2009 edition of Saugeen Times. You can read the original article here.

    Southampton Ontario is also home to The Southampton Inn & Spa, which has acquired the expertise of makeup artist Karen Brioux in their makeup studio, Faces North. Colour analysis, makeup update, makeup lessons and the latest in makeup techniques are just some of the services offered at Faces North, as well as an extensive line of quality cosmetics to choose from.

    In addition to his role as a television and film makeup artist, Rob Closs is also the Founder and Managing Director of The School of Professional Makeup in Toronto.

    Tuesday, June 9, 2009

    What's New at The School of Professional Makeup

    The latest news from Canada's premier makeup school - and introducing "Betty" the new girl at school!

    Vampiress Betty, an example of special effects makeup from students at The School of Professional MakeupKeeping up with the trends and techniques can make or break a makeup artist. As our graduates enter the industry they realize that there are different styles of smokey eyes, new trends in eyelining or taking makeup applications to the next level in Avant Guarde Editorial work. For all these reasons and many more, the School has developed new Continuing Education Segments (CES). These workshop-style classes allow students to improve on their techniques which compliment their already extensive training. Classes specializing in the various styles of The Big Smoke (Wet Smokey Eyes, Smokey Glitter) along with Lashes & Lines (working with different types of lashes, and stylized lining techniques) and Special Effects classes (Casualty, Burns, Gelatin Appliances and Zombies) assist a makeup artist become more versatile and experience in specific applications. These courses are conveniently offered on weeknights at the School. For more information on these programs, visit our website at or go to our course calendar. You can also contact us anytime at 416 603 3332.

    The New Girl

    We’re not just about pretty faces at The School of Professional Makeup! The latest addition to the ever growing family of creatures and creepy things is vampiress ‘Betty’. Don’t worry she won’t bite any more - thanks to the wooden cross in her heart! This class project was recently unveiled during the class Prosthetics Photoshoot. See photo above.

    What's Hot - Rob's Pick

    After a recent trip to Los Angeles to attend The Makeup Show, Rob came back with a bag full of new products. One of which quickly became his favourite...the new TEMPTU Airbrow (available at the School). This is an incredible tool to add to your airbrushing skills. Each kit contains a seven brow colours, five brow stencils and a freehand shaper stencil to create your own styles. It provides a flawless brow application and is HIGHLY recommended!

    Did You Know?

    The School of Pro Makeup offers a summer Makeup Art and Airbrush diploma Program? That’s right; while all of your future colleagues await their upcoming fall training, you could be certified and ready to rock it before they even step foot in the classroom. Talk about competitive edge! Classes start Tuesday June 9, 2009 and run through August 5, 2009. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, call the school today. Be sure to check back with our makeup blog for more information on upcoming courses.

    NEW! The Look of Success Teleseminar with Diane Craig

    Introducing a new, affordable, 4-session teleseminar for professional women. Learn how to:

  • Develop your own individual look of success

  • Project a powerful first impression

  • Achieve a polished, professional appearance

  • Master executive dress code secrets

  • Gain confidence, poise and respect

  • Create a wardrobe-building strategy

  • Maintain your new, self-assured appearance

    Dates: Session 1: Getting Started

    Monday, April 5: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. EST

    Session 2: Elements of Style

    Monday, April 12: 7:00 p.m – 9:00 p.m. EST

    Session 3: Finishing Touches

    Monday, April 26: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. EST

    Session 4: Makeup and Hairstyle

    Monday, May 3: 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. EST

    Cost: USD $447.00

    Why Register? Here's 6 important reasons why:

  • You’re motivated by a professional desire to move up the corporate ladder

  • You’re confused and no longer know what suits you. Or you think you’re dressing too young or too old – or you just want to look better and more attractive

  • You’re moving to a new position or a new company

  • You’re scheduled to attend important business meetings or training-sessions

  • You’re heading back to work and need to “re-polish” your look

  • You’ve got a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear

    To sign up, visit:

    About Diane Craig: As a certified image consultant and Founding President of Corporate Class Inc, Diane Craig is well known in the corridors of power where the right image and appropriate business etiquette are prerequisites to a successful career. Diane has helped hundreds of clients throughout Canada and the United States – from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies, and from political leaders to university directors and hospital CEO’s. When it comes to image consultations, this diverse client base shares one thing in common – the need to reflect the look of success.

    Photo: Vampiress "Betty" - a special effects makeup design from students at The School of Professional Makeup.

  • Friday, February 6, 2009

    Verve and Versatility in Makeup Artistry

    Makeup Pro Rob Closs talks to Stage Directions Magazine about the importance of diversity for today's makeup artist.

    special effects makeup designMakeup pro Rob Closs is well known for his diversity—he's as skilled at creating gorgeous airbrush effects as he is at hardcore bruised-and-bloody FX. Morphing makeup styles not only keeps life interesting—it’s the core message sent at Closs's training mecca, The School of Professional Makeup in Toronto. From the school's inception, Closs decided to blend educational disciplines.

    “I started doing makeup in 1981, and eventually was drawn to teaching in the early '90s," Closs recalls. "Having taught facial design and technique at many different schools, I took the strengths of my different teaching experiences, the best of the best, and created our initial program in 1998." Closs approaches the role of a makeup artist from a number of fronts: designer, technician, interpreter of an artistic statement and businessperson. For example, his program stresses prosthetic work not simply from the perspective of straight-up latex craft, but from the need for an artist to communicate effectively with a crew, producer or director. Closs also likes infusing his curriculum with variety, plain and simple.

    “I like to tweak the material I teach and grow the program continually,” he explains. Because the work is highly detailed, Closs looks for innately curious students.

    “When a student asks, 'How does this institution differ from other makeup schools?' I know that student is prepared, and potentially, motivated,” he says. “In this industry, motivation is everything—it's all freelance work, and if you're lucky to land a job, it has to be because you're motivated to put yourself out there and know your work."

    In the end, Closs wants his students to think on their feet—which he thinks is the key to any makeup artist's ultimate success:

    "The industry's always changing, and you've always got to change to accommodate it."

    Photo: A special effects makeup design from The School of Professional Makeup.

    Article source: Stage Directions Magazine. Read the full article here.

    Monday, February 2, 2009

    A Career in Fashion Makeup
    From The School of Professional Makeup

    Do you love fashion makeup? A career as a fashion makeup artist can be creative, exciting and rewarding.

    At The School of Professional Makeup, our fashion makeup program teaches you the full range of fashion makeup industry looks and designs for: digital color photography, actors head shots, film makeup, high definition television, and runway. These are just some of the disciplines a talented fashion makeup artist can be successful in.

    Check out our latest fashion makeup shoot and see the type of look you can learn to achieve. Also, be sure to check out our 2009 makeup course calendar. In addition to fashion makeup , we also offer courses in special effects makeup, prosthetics, bridal makeup, and airbrush makeup, plus a comprehensive master makeup artist program.

    Space is limited, and seats are filling up fast, so be sure to register now. You can register by calling the school at 416.603.3332, or feel free to email us at

    You could soon be on your way to a satisfying career in fashion makeup.

    Makeup:Rob Closs and Jenia O.
    Hair: John J.
    Photography: David Hou