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Ten Easy Food Choices For A Healthier Me

These are ten things I do because I like doing them. Turns out they are pretty good stuff that are good enough to recommend even. But more than anything it is just me writing my personal story that would help anyone looking to

Maintain your weight
Make overall easy healthier choices without turning into a raw foodist
Do something food wise in addition to working out to lose weight.

Important Note : I am not a trained nutritionist. I am merely a budding enthusiast in the field of food. Do not take anything from my fitness / diet posts any more seriously than you would take something that comes up in a conversation with your friend. Talk to a trained professional / physician before starting out on any exercise / diet routine.

Lets get on with it.

1. Water Is The Best Drink

Every time I eat out whether its at Subway or a nice little Italian restaurant my drink of choice is water - no ice. Nothing wrong with cold water, I happen to like room temperature better than cold and full of ice. Water is just pain ol water - zero calories.

Regular soda -12 oz, 10 calories. Too much sugar and don't like it
Diet soda - zero calories. Still bad, can tolerate but wont drink it.
Beer - Have liked only one beer all my life. But not enough to add 200 calories to my meal.
White wine - 6oz, 120 calories. Cant stomach wine.
Cocktails - cant stomach alcohol.

2. No Deep Fried At Home And Outside

I hate the taste of oil gushing out from food. If I had a penny for every time I heard someone say - add more oil it adds taste to the curry. No it does not - it only adds fat. Rolls and rolls of belly fat.

I also cant stand oil fumes. I almost will pass out if I stand in front of oil fumes that come from deep frying things in oil. Also its too much mess to clean up - so I never deep fry anything at home.

There is no nutritional value in deep fried breaded chicken. All the oil that the bread soaks up goes straight to those thighs. Wings taste best when they are not breaded - to me.

3. Eat Lots Of Vegetables, Beans And Bake Everything

I load up on veggies on every trip to the grocery store. The seasonal ones are always marked down so its not very hard on the wallet either. I pick up a few frozen veggies that make cooking easier - pre cut and all. Veggies are low in calories, fill you up and you can eat loads of it. Three cups of cauliflower which is probably one whole head of cauliflower is only 75 calories !

Eat beans. Canned are fine too - lots of protein, fiber and they fill you up. I love all kinds of beans.

I throw everything into the oven from kale to green beans to zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, falafel, potatoes - anything. Take a baking tray, add a sheet of foil ( makes it easy to clean), spray PAM, lay your vegetables, add salt +pepper and throw them under the broiler. Five minutes and you have cooked, tasty food without the effort of cooking or the addition of oil.

4. Decisions At The Grocery Store

All my food decisions are made at the store. If I want to pick up a bag of I ready to add all that fat into my body that already jiggles - No. So I make a pout and drop it.
Never buy any food that comes in a cardboard box and is frozen. No ready made meals for me.

5. Home Made Salad Dressing

This is the best thing since sliced bread. Store bought salad dressing are drenched in oil and are super fat. Almost all regular dressings at the stores are almost all fat - calorie wise. The fat free ones taste like corn syrup and are made with so many unknown chemicals.

Home made dressing are the best. You take four or five clean ingredients and make tasty dressings. I add oil sometimes but limit to one table spoon - excellent taste and very low on calories ! Lemme know if you would like a few dressing recipes - I am all about sharing !

6. Lean Organic Protein

Food Inc taught me to buy organic meat. I taught myself to buy only lean, mostly poultry meat - bacon aside.

7. Eat Light

Make one meal a day - a light one. My lunch is almost always light - a deli salad / sandwich / wrap. I choose fat free deli slices, lots of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, mustard, olive oil mayo and good cheese slices. None of that fat free singles. I used to get em all the time but now I'm into good tasty cheese. One slice , may be even half per sandwich is way better than a couple of fat free blah slices.

If for dinner try going raw for a change ! Slice up some zucchini, peppers, onions or carrots. Squeeze a lemon on top and enjoy the refreshing salad. Or try some miso soup - loves it !

8. No Desserts

After eating a whole entree at the restaurant I almost never have space for a dessert. My friends are the same way so its not a problem. Unless the dessert sounds really exotic - like something we've never eaten before. Some folks like to bag half the entree and go for the sweet stuff. That works too.

9. Snacks

Not big on snacking but I love raw almonds and dried cranberries. They are my snack of choice. Together I love the sweet and sour cranberries with the crunchy sweet almonds. Sometimes if I'm really really hungry , I eat cereal or watermelon or cucumber.

10. Fruits

Its the berry and melon season which means its time for everybody to indulge on fruits. Hit COSTCO for cheap , organic berries and watermelon. I usually go to COSTCO once in four months but now I go there often just to load up on berries. Add them to your oatmeal, salads or as snacks. I love eating say 6-7 strawberries / black berries or half a cup blue berries with some honey and walnuts after dinner at home. Or bite into a big slice of watermelon.

Unnecessary Information

I don't want to give the idea that I get it all right or even mostly right because I probably don't. I haven't been working out consistently. Once a week does not count , too bad. I always eat dinner after eight and my berries go in at about ten. So Oprah's no food after eight is not happening here either. I love my white bleached basmati rice.

But I am not downplaying my better choices either , I am secretly proud of them. I haven't eaten a donut in over 18 months. If you knew me, you'd know I LOVE DONUTS. But nothing adds pounds on me faster than donuts do so I've kept away. I ate burger and fries for dinner a couple of days back. It was my first in over 6- 8 months.

What are a few simple choices you make to stay healthier ?

Indian Girl

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