Friday, July 16, 2010


Eye If your lashes are thin and sparse, do not despair. You can make them appear thicker and darker with skillfully applied make-up. A little practice is what you need. But, first things first – take good care of your lashes to protect their natural beauty. Actually the main function of the lashes is to protect the eyes, but they also help to enhance their beauty.

• Remember to use a cleansing cream at night to remove eye make-up, with a gentle touch.
• Once a day, apply a little castor oil on the lashes. This is said to thicken and darken them. For eyelash make-up choose good quality mascara. Roll-on mascara is easy to apply. You should also have a small brush, to brush out the lashes, after applying mascara.
• Be sparing when you apply mascara - too much of it will make the lashes stick together.
• Use a hand mirror, looking downwards into it. Application is best this way.
• Apply it in two or three light coats, using upward strokes for the upper lashes and downward strokes for the lower ones.
• Brush out the lashes and then apply the second one.
• After applying the final coat and letting it dry, brush out the lashes to separate them.

Useful Tip
If you apply a little powder on the lashes between the coats of mascara, they will appear thicker.

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