Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Even More Makeup Tips

Need to look great in a hurry? Use the makeup tips below to get your face on - fast.

It seems nobody has any time these days – especially in the morning. We’re all so busy rushing to get ready for work, getting the kids off to school, etc. But that doesn’t mean that your makeup application has to suffer. Below are some makeup tips that will help you look great in no time.

No matter how much time you have to put on your makeup, the first item to apply is foundation. Makeup foundation helps to conceal uneven skin coloring and makes the effect of makeup more pronounced. Remember to pat the product onto your skin, however, don’t rub it on. If you’re short on time, simply apply the makeup foundation only on the uneven patches of your face, and skip putting it on your whole face altogether.

Need to appear well rested, and don’t have much time? Focus on your eye makeup. Eye makeup is intended to make your eyes appear brighter and eliminate a tired look. Think mascara. Apply it onto your upper lashes and your eyes will undergo a transformation. Remember to always use black mascara, no matter what color your lashes are. If you have a little more time, apply some eyeliner and eye shadow as well.

Next, apply blush to highlight your cheekbones. Using a medium brush, lightly pick up the powder from the container. Apply maximum color to this area and use light circular strokes to blend upward, towards the temples. Finally, use the remaining color on the brush for the rest of the cheek to achieve a well-blended look.

Now onto lipstick. Use the stick and start applying color at the center of your upper as well as lower lips. Gradually move out to the corners. Now, press your lips and rub them together to distribute the color evenly. After this, use your little finger or your lipstick wand to apply more color to your lips. This will control the amount of color used. The second coating will ensure that your lipstick will last.

Remember – when choosing colors for your makeup foundation and blush, make sure that the color actually complements your skin. For makeup foundation, the shade should be a near match for your skin shade. Otherwise, it will look like you’re wearing a mask, not makeup. With blush, choose a color that matches the inner portion of your lip.

Using the tips above, you can look great in no time, and shift your focus away from your makeup to getting on with your day.

Photography: David Hou

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