Wednesday, July 28, 2010

how to choose bra according to body shape

Selecting a bra is not only see the style and size only. The little things that are often overlooked is the match of your bra and the curve of your body.
in general, women's curves are divided into four:

  1. apple shape (your chest and shoulder are large but your hips is small) the right bra for you is minimizing bra. minimizing bra can push your chest and make it look smaller.
  2. pear shape (you have a small chest and your hips is large) the best bra for pear shape is push up bra. the purpose is to make your chest more large as though you have hourglass shape.
  3. hourglass shape avoid wearing minimizing bra because it'll make you look like a pear shape. and the rest, you can wear any bra design. it's depend on your needs.
  4. square shape (shoulder and hips are large and tall.) Bras that are suitable for this curve is a bra that can improve your cleavage. you must choose the shoulder strap that can be set wide. demi bra and push up bra are the best for you.

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